Psalm 91: 1 & 7

Pastor Julius Oladiran OgunkolaThe very spirit of this age is one of tension, and with the crises in world affairs constantly intensifying, we are reminded that Jesus said, “Men’s hearts will fail them from (for) fear, and expectations of those things which are coming on the earth – Luke 21:26. There is no doubt, we are living in the closing days of time and the cost of uncertainty, fear, worry, and anxiety is rising. We are in the days when many people are confused, oppressed, depressed, and anxious. There is the fear of war; travel; natural disasters and general insecurity, so that (and) people don’t know whom to trust. All these contribute to high rate of domestic accidents, work hazards, psychosomatic illnesses, divorce, suicide, juvenile delinquency, cultism and other social vices. The one thing people greatly fear is physical harm that may eventually lead to disability or death. And, in the face of social ills such as armed-robbery, banditry, high-jacking, human-trafficking, kidnapping, abduction, ritual killing and ransom-taking, Christians can rest in God’s Word, even in the face of all sorts of threats, against their wellbeing. Christians have God’s Word for protection, and they have immeasurable joy of claiming God’s promises for protection, knowing that safety is of the Lord. This year, as Christians, you should always cover yourself with the blood of Jesus and wrap yourself up with Psalm 91, with particular emphasis on verses 1 and 7. You are to daily affirm as follows – ....Click here for more

Daily Devotional

For the Week: 18th - 24th May 2020

18th May


Text: Mark 9:14-18

“…and I spake to thy disciples that they should cast him out; and they could not.” V. 18b.

To fail is human, but when it comes, we should not think that everything ends with the failure. Every failure presents one lesson or the other for us to learn. Someone says “If you fall, learn to pick up something from it.” The disciples, were the people who seemed, at one time, to have everything they needed for a rock-solid ministry since Jesus had earlier given them power over demonic spirits. By this, it would have seemed, their ministry would be unstoppable. That however, was not the case. When the father of the boy, in this text, brought him to the disciples to be delivered and they, the disciples, could not cast it out, and at the point of their failure, Jesus showed up to teach them lessons that all of us should learn. The object lesson for all us is to always stay connected with Him by faith since, only in Him there is no failure. Perhaps you are in the position of the boy’s father. You can meet disappointment with the Lord’s servants but there is always hope with the Lord of the servants that never fails. Only believe!


Our failure is a reflection that we still have a lot to learn and God is always our sufficiency.


Father, the power to face and overcome the challenges of Christian life and ministry, give unto me, in Jesus’ name.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Nehemiah 10-13
19th May


Text: Mark 9:19-27

“And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord I believe, help thou mine unbelief.” V.24.

Do we often ponder as to which problems we have trouble trusting Jesus to handle? Of course, many of us, Christians, will protest, “We believe Jesus can handle any problem!” But our actions sometimes conflict with what our words say. We do not demonstrate faith that Jesus can handle our problems. When the medical experts say, “There’s no chance,” is our faith strong? When God’s answer to our prayers is “No,” is our faith strong? Sometimes the way God handles our problem is not exactly as we have hoped or expected. Can we still have faith? The boy’s father confessed both faith and weakness. Probably most of us who have been Christians for some time would have to make the same kind of admission if we were honest about our own trust in Jesus. We may be weak in overcoming some life’s challenges, but we know that God holds the answer to everything. We must ask God to help us in our unbelief when it comes to what He can do. As He helped this man, He will surely help us that His name may be glorified.


When our faith is weak, with a sincere heart, let us call upon God who is stronger than our weakness. He is always ready to help.


Father, increase my faith to see more of your glory in Jesus’ name.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Esther 1-3
20th May


Text: Mark 9:28-32.

“And He said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing but by Prayer and fasting” Verse 29.

The Lord’s response to the disciples’ question makes us to understand that there are some cases that would take more than a prayer of few words spoken with head bowed. Ephesians 6 makes it clear that we are in a spiritual battle and prayer is one of our weapons that must be well utilized. Though, some issues in our lives and society are especially resistant to our human efforts, they cannot defy the appropriate word of God. Consider a boy who is a drug addict; a lady lured into prostitution, a man in the hand of a strange woman or an individual who is being tormented by foul spirit. We should not forget that these are the times to heighten our prayer, so that we do not lose the battle to the enemies. Extraordinary problems need extra ordinary prayer. The world is right to expect much from us to meet their extra ordinary need. And it is also right for us to equip ourselves spiritually in fasting and prayer of faith. Remember, we are Christ’s representatives.


Extra ordinary problems need extra ordinary prayer – intensify your prayer for your desired victory.


Strengthen me O Lord, for an effective prayer life to overcome challenges that come my way, in Jesus’ name.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Esther 4-6
21st May


Text: John 16:25-33

“Jesus answered them, Do ye now believe?” V.31

After Jesus’ explicit explanations of some truths, about the Father and Himself, the disciples fully acknowledge Christ’s divinity. What they said in verse 30 reveals this. “Now are we sure that thou knowest all things … by this we believe that thou camest forth from God.” The question is, what level has the disciples’ faith attained since their long stay with the Lord? Were they nursing some doubts? But what is certain is that they heard all they needed to hear to fully believe. Many church people today who carry the same weakness, still need the revelation knowledge of God’s love and the person of Christ in order to truly believe. Today, the Holy-Spirit is active in His teaching ministry, to reveal the person of Christ. He removes every doubts and gives strength to the weak in faith. What will your answer be if Jesus asks you, “do you now believe? In your answer, be sincere, as the Holy Spirit is ready to give understanding to those who genuinely desire it, that they may truly believe.


The Holy-Spirit is active in His teaching ministry to fully reveal the person of Christ, and thereby strengthen our faith in Jesus.


Father, daily as I open your word, open my eyes to see clearer, and my heart, to be inspired by the glory of your Son, Jesus Christ, amen.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Esther 7-10


Text: John 17:20-24

“Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word.” V.20.

John 17, though a valedictory speech, contains Christ’s high-priestly intercession. He prayed for Himself, His disciples, and the future believers. The good news is that He had you in mind, He prayed for you also. Jesus was and is a faithful and Merciful High Priest who is concerned with the good of believers of all ages. It is important to take note of two major prayer points of the Lord, for us, as believers. The first one is believers’ unity, that they may become one, and form one living glorious unity. The significance of this is that the unity of the Church will produce an impression on the world that does not appreciate Jesus’ divine commission, that they may believe that He is the Saviour and Lord. The second one is that the believers also may be where He is, to behold His glory on the grandest scale through all eternity. Do you love this? It is time to give yourself to the unity of the body of Christ, to experience His presence and power. It is in the spirit of unity that we can reach the world for Him effectively and reign with Him in glory. He had prayed for you. Let His prayers work over your life.


Unity has being the dearest desire of the Lord for believers of all ages that would live with Him in glory.


May all efforts of the enemy to cause division in the body of Christ no longer prosper in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Job 1-2
23rd May


Text: Luke 17:11-19

“And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God.” V.15.

In the previous devotional, the disciples, still did not recognise it was Jesus that was walking along with them, on the way to Emmaus, even after He had expanded the Scriptures to them. Have you considered why Jesus agreed to stay further with them? He wanted to prove the point of His resurrection to the dull-in-hearing disciples! For it is only after this confirmation that they could go and testify this news unto others. Jesus therefore sat with them, took the bread, blessed it, broke the bread and gave them. Verse 31 states, “And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.” Their response was spontaneous afterwards. They defied the hazards of travelling in the night, the same day, to declare to the rest disciples in Jerusalem that “The Lord has risen indeed…” (v.34). When the fact of Jesus’ resurrection rubs off on you, you will push aside your comforts to testify of it. Tell the perishing souls that because Jesus lives, they can face the uncertainty of the future. Prepare to pay the costs.


Exhibit attitude of gratitude for all of God’s blessings, great or small.


Lord I thank you for all your goodness in my life, Amen.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Job 3-5
24th May


Text:John 6:43-48

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.”V.47.

Some people are selective when it comes to food menu, and this is good. Yes, food items that are not wholesome, can cut short a man’s life when consumed continually! Consequently, people who desire longevity always take balanced diets. But there is more to life than longevity. No matter how long one lives, one day he will die. Just as the manna that the Israelites ate in the wilderness could not stop them from dying, none of our best foods can give everlasting life. But we have a wonderful promise from the Lord Jesus Christ in today’s passage. He talks about a different kind of bread (food). That bread gives life eternal. He said He is the Bread of Life (verse 48). As anyone who desires sound health and longevity would take nutritious food, so also anyone who desires eternal life will choose to come unto Jesus by faith. Though, not all men have access to the best kinds of food here on earth, anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, and His finished work of salvation on the cross, has eternal life. He died for our sins and resurrected for our justification. Whoever you are, just believe.


Eternal life is a free gift of God in Christ for all, but only those who receive it will have it.


Lord Jesus, I lean on You for my everlasting sustenance and eternal Life.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Job 6-8