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Pastor Julius Oladiran OgunkolaThese days, seed sowing and tithing have become subjects of controversies in the print and social media. Notwithstanding, the stand point of “Grace Bible Mission” is that church must teach the truth and must not shy away from kingdom’s principle for fear of having the intentions misrepresented. Pastors are not the author of the Bible and should not keep kingdom’s truth away from people; denying them the opportunity of being blessed. Though, one is aware that this particular teaching has been grossly abused in certain regards, be not deceived, God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that he also reaps – Galatians 6:7. However, Genesis 26 presupposes that sowing had become part of Isaac – drought or no drought. It was not the seed that he sowed in the past that rescued him, it was the one that he sowed during famine that did ....Click here for more

Daily Devotional

For the Week: 21 st - 27th October 2019

21st Oct.


Text: Jeremiah 30:18-22

“Thus saith the Lord: Behold, I will bring again the captivity of Jacob’s tents and have mercy on his dwelling places.” V. 18.

The people of Judah longed for God’s judgment to end, just as every child eagerly awaits the end of discipline. Before, His wrath was fully upon them, God told His people that they would be renewed and restored. Such a promise unveils the unfailing love God has for His people. God’s punishment is real, but, it is motivated by a desire for healing and true restoration. If we repent and follow God’s will for our lives, He will use our chastisement as part of His plan to redeem and restore us. In the portion of Scripture for our meditation today, God promises to take some specific steps to actualise the restoration of His people. He says, (1) He will have mercy on their dwelling places. (2) He will put songs of thanksgiving in their mouth. (3) He will multiply them. (4) Their oppressors shall be punished. (5) Father-children relationship shall be re-established. What a delightful restoration-promised song these are! But it won’t happen until God had purged sins in their midst. The ultimate desire of God is to reconcile sinners back unto Himself through the Lord Jesus. He does not delight in the death of any sinner, but that such repents and come back unto Him. Sin must be dealt with. Then He will stand against and fight your oppressors.


If people which are called by God’s name shall humble themselves, by praying, and turn from their wicked ways, God is ready to heal and restore them - II Chronicles. 7:14.


My Father and my Lord, grant me the spirit of humility and repentance in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Luke 1
22nd Oct.


Text: Jeremiah 31: 1-6

“The Lord hath appeared of old unto me saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love, therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.” V. 3.

A people that either forgets or ignores her past may have an identity crisis. Israel has a cherished history which has a strong foundation in a covenant relationship with God. In Abraham, God was establishing the important principle that His people were to separate themselves from all that hinders His purpose for their lives (Genesis 12:1-3). However, the call of Abraham contained not only promises, but also obligations, in order to receive what was promised. But Israel’s flagrant sins and disobedience cost her God’s rejection. Nevertheless, in today’s text, God draws them unto Himself with a cord of love. This is a promise of God not only to the tribe of Judah but to all families and those who believe that they are of the generation of Israel. Many that were carried away by the Assyrians, the Babylonians would return from captivity. God would bring them back because of His everlasting love. He is eager to do the best for them if they will only allow Him. Are you still captivated by your sins? You can experience God’s deliverance by receiving His magnificent love. Rather than thinking of God with dread, come unto Him and breathe in a fresh breath of His love.


God is a loving God. He desires to rebuild His relationship with us no matter how far we have strayed from Him.


Oh God of mercy, have mercy upon me, let me experience Your loving kindness once again and accept me back as your child in Jesus name. Amen.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Luke 2- 4
23rd Oct.


Text: Jeremiah 31:23–30

“For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.” V. 25

Captivity is a curse that ought not to be experienced. Those who are in captivity have lost their total liberty and freedom. Most times captives are far away from home. Such experience lots of deprivations; living in a different culture; no longer enjoying any legitimate right; and continually homesick. Nothing wearies a soul more than captivity. Jeremiah’s prediction of Judah’s homecoming probably sounded too good to be true, but God’s word described it accurately. Weary souls would find the joy of freedom replacing the sorrow of captivity. This no doubt is glad tidings. How homesick hearts must have leaped at that promise! They would go back to Judah. They will again see Jerusalem, the city that is their chief joy. We also are captives, being enslaved to sin. But the promise of the gospel is that one day God shall bring us home, and inexpressible joy will replace our sorrow and hurt.


No matter how weary and sorrowful your soul is, come unto Jesus, he is prepared to satiate your weary soul. All you need to do is come unto him.


Lord, I have come to thee - water my weary and sorrowful soul, that I may be strengthened in this journey of life (Amen).

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Luke 5 -7
24th Oct.


Text: Jeremiah 31: 31-37

“Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah.” V. 31.

The old covenant had been broken by the people, God promised to replace the old and broken covenant with the new one. The foundation of this new covenant is Christ (Hebrew 8:6). It is revolutionary, involving not only Israel and Judah but even the Gentiles. His new covenant shall offer a unique personal relationship with God Himself, with his laws written in individual hearts instead of on stone. Jeremiah looked forward to the day when Jesus would come to establish His covenant. But for us today, the covenant is here. We all have the wonderful opportunity to make a fresh start and establish a permanent personal relationship with God. God wanted all to come together again under His leadership and salvation. In John 17, Jesus prayed that His followers would be united. Sometimes churches are more comfortable finding what should separate them rather than discovering what they have in common. When Christians seek to help each other grow based on the truth of God’s word rather than hacking each other to pieces, then there will be greater likelihood of Christ’s prayer being answered


We serve a loving God, who is prepared to receive us if we decide to make a fresh start and renew a personal relationship with Him.


Lord I have broken the covenant let me make a fresh start and personal relationship with you. (Amen)

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Luke 8 -10
25th Oct.


Text: Jeremiah 33:1-13

“Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them, the abundance of peace and truth.” V. 6.

Jeremiah prophesied again, here the second time, the restoration of the people of Judah and Israel to their home land. They will be restored to prosperity, peace and spiritual wholeness. This is re-echoed in today’s devotional text - God will bring them into health and cure, make them experience abundance of peace and establish them in truth. In spite of the desolations of their nation and the dispersion of the Jewish people, God promises to, (1) Rebuild and re-establish the city in its former state. (2) Pardon the sins of the captives and restore them. (3) Bring praise and glory to God’s name. (4) Bring abundant joy and prosperity to the nation. But they must first agree with God to go into captivity, thereby serving the term of their punishment. When God rebukes His people, it is to serve the purpose of healing and restoration. This should serve to encourage God’s people today. God still wants to give His people comfort. He wants to heal them so they will serve Him more profitably. Today, you can come out of any prevailing captivity - of sin, sickness, and others. God wants you to be in health and also prosper your soul. But first show remorse and then, embrace His love. This prophecy has its eternal fulfilment in the future days when Jesus the Messiah will establish His kingdom on earth.


If we allow Him to cure us of our sins, He will surely heal and restore us.


Lord, I give up on my sins, cleanse me that I may be healed. (Amen)

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Luke 11-13
26th Oct.


Text: Psalm 119:49-56.

“Remember the word unto thy servant, upon which thou hast caused me to hope.” V. 49.

God has ordained, His Word made powerful by the Spirit, will bring comfort, hope, and strength to His faithful as we experience trouble and sorrow. In Hebrews 4:12, the Bible says, “the word of God is quick and powerful …” It therefore has power to revive and restore those who abide in it and in God. The “Word” from Genesis to Revelation contains God’s promises to His people. In times of distress, discouragement and discomfort, the words of God internalised in the believer remains means for healing, renewal and revival of souls. It also serves as a great Comforter when it is read and meditated upon, believed in, and obeyed. The words give hope to the hopeless, and it is the only word that is trustworthy and never loses its power for blessing and healing for those who meditate on it. Every other word is hopeless and not trustworthy. How often do you read the words (Bible)? You deprive yourself of many blessings when you neglect meditating in it. Make it a point of duty to read the words of hope on daily basis. It revives and gives comfort.


The living word of God brings renewal, revival, restoration and hope, when it occupies a central position in the believer’s life.


Father, Your words are full of Your promises. Give me the grace to love Your Word and consistently meditate upon it. Amen.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Luke 14 -16
27th Oct.


Text:Titus 2:11-15

“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.” V. 13

Human beings in general do exercise hope in one thing or the other as life progresses. By its nature, hope has to do with the future. It also has an element of sustenance of life, that is, it somehow keeps life going. But all lives, some time, will come to an end. Some hope will lead into regrets and disappointment, while some will lead to life eternal. Therefore the object of our hope is important. Biblical hope consists of assurance in the heart, even a firm confidence, concerning future things, because these things are based on God’s promises and revelation. Believers must therefore embrace a living hope in Christ Jesus. Apostle Paul in today’s devotional text, brings out two aspects of Christian living that must be stressed today. “We should live in this world at the same time look forward with hope.” Both aspect of living and looking forward are essentials of our Christian’s pilgrimage. The living is made bearable because we have an eternal hope in God. As we live and look forward, we hope for three great benefits i.e. (1) Christ’s personal presence, hoping to be with Him. (2) Redemption from our sinful nature, when we hope to see the end of our battle with sin, and (3) Restoration of grace i.e. where we hope to see the complete rule of grace. It is indeed a blessed and eternal hope – a hope that can’t fail.


Christian’s eternal hope is to make heaven and meet Christ where He will be physically present.


: Lord Jesus, the most blessed hope I have in You is to make heaven, Lord count me worthy.

Daily Bible Reading Plan:

Mark 13 -16